[PC] Farm Expert 2017 [Simulation|ISO]

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Tên Game: Farm Expert 2017
Thể loại: Simulation
Năm phát hành: 2016

Farm Expert 2017

Nội dung:

Farm Expert 2017 is a comprehensive farm simulator with advanced soil
physics and machine driving realistic model. Play in an enormous open
world, repair the licensed machines in your backyard workshop, grow
animals, cultivate fields, harvest orchards and take care of plants in
the greenhouses.

Key Features:

Realistic driving physics designing the behavior of machines in various

Soil Physics: risk of get stuck during the work in the field, three-
dimensional plough furrow, soil condition dependent on weather

Backyard Workshop: take care of more than 170 machines available in the
game. Replace used up parts, change the wheels, put the console into
the Front Loader

Licensed machines and agricultural appliances from famous manufacturers
like: Kuhn, Grimme, Krampe, P ttinger, Rauch, Landini, McCormick,
Valpanada, Vogel&Noot, Kr ger, Suer, Ponsse, HB-Brantner, FSI, Kuxmann,
Sipma, Weremczuk

Greenhouses: take care of your plants. Tend each stage of their growth
with an on-board computer. Control the temperature and the humidity

A full modding. Modify the game according to your own ideas

Maintain the good condtion of your fields using 3 types of plant
protection products. Adjust the level of their acidity by liming the



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