The Intent (2016)

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Mã IMDB: 3842614
Đạo diễn: Femi Oyeniran, Kalvadour Peterson
Thể loại: Crime, Drama
Diễn viên: Dylan Duffus, Scorcher, Shone Romulus, Jade Asha
Kịch bản: Femi Oyeniran, Nicky Slimting Walker
Năm sản xuất: 2016
Thời lượng: 104 min
Đánh giá: 6.3/10 (theo IMDb)
Quốc gia: UK
Ngôn ngữ: English

The Intent

Nội dung:

Gunz (Dylan Duffus) is thrust into a world of excitement when he joins the TIC crew. The crew, led by the ruthless Hoodz (Scorcher), goes from low level weed peddling to full on armed robberies within a fortnight. Their new found infamy affords them a life of guns, drugs, and girls but they also catch the attention of the police and a rival gang. To make matters worse they have been infiltrated by an undercover police officer. Does he have “THE INTENT” to remain a criminal or abide by his oath to the force?

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