Bố Già
The Mobfathers (2016)

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Bố Già
The Mobfathers (2016)
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Mã IMDB: 5609302
Đạo diễn: 
Herman Yau
Thể loại: 
Comedy, Crime
Diễn viên: Chapman To, Gregory Wong, Philip Keung, Anthony Chau-Sang Wong
Kịch bản: 
Erica Lee
Năm sản xuất: 
Thời lượng: 
94 min
Đánh giá: 
6.8/10 (theo IMDb)
Quốc gia: 
Hong Kong
Ngôn ngữ: 

Bố Già

Nội dung:

Every three years, the five leading gangs elect a representative to stand for election to be the mobfather of the underworld. Each of the candidates has his strength and his weaknesses, and there is understandably a decided lack of trust amongst the gangs. With each fighting for his gang’s own vested interests, what will be the outcome?

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