Kẻ Ác Báo Hỷ
House of Wolves (2016)

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Đạo diễn: Vincent Kok
Thể loại: Comedy
Diễn viên: Ronald Cheng, Tat-Ming Cheung, Chrissie Chow, Josie Ho
Kịch bản: N/A
Năm sản xuất: 2016
Thời lượng: N/A
Đánh giá: 4.6/10 (theo IMDb)
Quốc gia: Hong Kong
Ngôn ngữ: Cantonese

Kẻ Ác Báo Hỷ

Nội dung:

Set in old rural district, Charlie pretends to be an ALS patient so he can gain sympathy from others. He runs a charity organisation where he secretly carries out all sorts of nasty business. The village chief Fung Yan-bing is a dishonest man who likes to test others with money and take advantage of them. Along comes a beautiful woman named Yu Zan, a materialistic lady who loves money more than anything. However, the woman is carrying the baby of her ex-boyfriend who is a well-known tycoon’s heir. The arrival of the baby will soon change the mentalities and nature of the three problematic human beings.

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