Blinding Dark – SKIDROW (2014)

Lượt xem: 301
GD Star Rating
Phát hành: Plug In Digital, Bulkypix
Phát triển: Games Hut
Thể loại: Action, Adventure
Tên game: Blinding.Dark-SKIDROW
Size: 1.16 GB

Blinding Dark – SKIDROW (2014)

Nội dung:

Blinding Dark is a First Person Adventure horror game. Complete puzzles, collect items and power-ups, fight enemies and do your best to manage the very thin resources you have at your disposal to uncover terrible secrets.

audacious combination between horror elements and old-styled first person shooter feeling
interesting storyline that spans across multiple Acts and has deep roots within the general lore of the Blinding Dark world
collect unique weapons and items, each with it’s specific use
survive against hell spawns, demons, monsters and spirits, each with it’s unique strengths and weaknesses to discover and manipulate
challenge yourself with difficult platforming and puzzle elements
deep and rewarding exploration of hand-crafted environments, discover its secrets
high quality graphics and first person full body view perspective

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