Long Night Episode 1: Alone I Break (2014)

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Phát hành: Trickster Face
Phát triển: Trickster Face
Thể loại: Action, Adventure, Indie
Tên game: Long.Night.Episode.1.Alone.I.Break-iNLAWS
Size: 536MB

Long Night Episode 1: Alone I Break (2014)

Nội dung:

In this third person survival horror, play as David, a teenage boy during a summer night, who will have to escape his unconscious fears, taking many forms. In the same time, he will have to save his friends from their own scary projections.

Take control of your environment, keep the balance of your mental state to run and hide from your nemesis.
Resolve enigma to understand the intimacy of the 4 teenagers and become the wall between them and their fears.
Explore Long Night camp to discover great side quests, giving better understanding of the background.
Choose to play with Old School (without checkpoints and interaction icons) or Modern Gameplay (with all the help you want).

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