Joan Baez – The Complete A&M Recordings (2003)

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Joan Baez – The Complete A&M Recordings (2003)

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CD01 Track Listings

[01] Prison Trilogy (Billy Rose)
[02] Rainbow Road
[03] Love Song To A Stranger
[04] Myths
[05] In The Quiet Morning
[06] Weary Mothers (People’s Union No. 1)
[07] To Bobby
[08] Song Of Bangladesh
[09] A Stranger In My Place
[10] Tumbleweed
[11] The Partisan
[12] Imagine
[13] Where Are You Now, My Son
[14] Only Heaven Knows (Ah, The Sad Wind Blows)
[15] Less Than The Song
[16] A Young Gypsy
[17] Mary Call

Play Time – 01h:18m:39s

CD02 Track Listings

[01] Rider, Pass By
[02] Best Of Friends
[03] Windrose
[04] Gracias A La Vida (Here’s To Life)
[05] Llego Con Tres Heridas (I Come With Three Wounds)
[06] La Llorona (The Weeping Woman)
[07] El Preso Numero Nueve (Prisoner Number Nine)
[08] Guantanamera
[09] Te Recuerdo Amanda (I Remember Amanda)
[10] Dida
[11] Cu-Cu-Rru-Cu-Cu Paloma
[12] Paso Rio (I Pass A River)
[13] El Rossinyol (The Nightingale)
[14] De Colores (In Colors)
[15] Las Madres Cansadas (All The Weary Mothers Of The Earth)
[16] No Nos Moveran (We Shall Not Be Moved)
[17] Esquinazo Del Guerrillero (The Guerilla’s Serenade)
[18] Johnny, I Hardly Knew Yeh
[19] Where’s My Apple Pie?
[20] Forever Young
[21] Diamonds And Rust
[22] Fountain Of Sorrow
[23] Never Dreamed You’d Leave In Summer

Play Time – 01h:17m:44s

CD03 Track Listings

[01] Children And All That Jazz
[02] Simple Twist Of Fate
[03] Blue Sky
[04] Hello In There
[05] Jesse
[06] Winds Of The Old Days
[07] Dida
[08] I Dream Of Jeannie – Danny Boy (Medley)
[09] Sweeter For Me
[10] Seabirds
[11] Caruso
[12] Still Waters At Night
[13] Kingdom Of Childhood
[14] O Brother!
[15] Time Is Passing Us By
[16] Stephanie’s Room
[17] Gulf Winds

Play Time – 01h:15m:09s

CD04 Track Listings

[01] (Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody) Turn Me Around (Live)
[02] Blessed Are (Live)
[03] Suzanne (Live)
[04] Love Song To A Stranger (Part II) (Live)
[05] I Shall Be Released (Live)
[06] Blowin’ In The Wind (Live)
[07] Stewball (Live)
[08] Natalia (Live)
[09] The Ballad Of Sacco & Vanzetti (Live)
[10] Joe Hill (Live)
[11] Love Is Just A Four-Letter Word (Live)
[12] Forever Young (Live)
[13] Diamonds & Rust (Live)
[14] Boulder To Birmingham (Live)
[15] Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Live)
[16] Oh, Happy Day (Live)
[17] Please Come To Boston (Live)
[18] Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts (Live)
[19] The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (Live)
[20] Amazing Grace (Live)

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